Casino on schedule. In Sweden, they want to limit the time for the game

Sweden continues to receive proposals on how to make online gambling safer. These measures, in turn, make the Swedish market less and less attractive. Recently, the Equality Commission (Equality Commission) under the Ministry of Finance of the country, proposed to limit the time for online gambling. Although it is not specified what specific hours online casinos should work.

Sweden generally goes its own way, introducing requirements that are not typical of most other jurisdictions. But to limit the time at which online gambling entertainment is available is a surprise. According to the report provided by the commission, such measures will contribute to greater economic equality in the future. After all, those who earn less suffer more from losses.

It is also proposed to organize a national portal that will monitor compliance with deposit limits. This portal will have to track the activity of the players of all Swedish casinos. Players will make a daily deposit limit through this portal, which will then prevent them from going over that limit.

The authors of the report are quite cautious about the changes, noting that further study is required. They say that excessive restrictions or high taxes will lead to an increase in the share of unregulated gambling. And according to some unofficial data, this problem has already acquired serious proportions.

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